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NCLEX RN Exams – Not Just For US Students

According to NCSBN, National Council of State Boards of Nursing test results among students studying outside the United States and US educated students taking the NCLEX RN are both on the rise from 2000.

In 2000 there were a total of 71,475 US educated students and 7,506 internationally educated students taking the NCLEX RN. International students made up only 10.5% of the students sitting for the exam.

Although the number of nursing students increased significantly in 2007, it is not meeting the needs of the demands. Aging Baby Boomers, growing population, and increased number of nurses used in place of doctors is causing a serious demand for nurses.

Is the need for nurses similar to the need for computer engineers? Computer engineer positions were met by students outside the United States who were willing to learn the trade. These students are also recognizing and satisfying the need for nurses. Many United States Citizens are arguing that there are citizens with education and experience to fill the positions in the computer science field and issuing more work visas will only increase unemployment in the US. Will this be the same for the nursing industry? Last year there were 119,579 United States educated students and 33,768 internationally educated pupils taking for the NCLEX RN exam. This is a bit more than 28% of all nursing students taking this exam.

The dramatic increase is quite possibly the result of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing opening three exam centers abroad. In just seven years the percentage of international students has risen 17.5%

Students educated outside the United States are alert to the need for nurses in North America and know that educating themselves may be their opportunity to obtain a work visa and possible citizenship in the United States and may garner them a life of a greater quality of living and freedom from oppression.

Students Educated in the United States are still out performing international students, but international students are gaining on them.Last year, there were 119,579 United States educated nursing students taking the NCLEX RN. 85.5% of them passed. 52% of the 33,768 students educated outside the United States nurses passed the first time.

How about the students who did not pass the NCLEX RN Test? Last year 26,411 students sat for the exam for at least the second time. These were United States educated students retaking the exam. Simple math indicates that there are students taking the exam for at least the third time Only 52.4% of these repeat test takers passed. Internationally educated test takers pass rate dropped to 25.7%

Many students are looking for study aids to help them getting better test results and have turned to NCLEX NCLEX Study Audioson CDs and MP3 downloads. Since the audios are available online they are accessible to anyone in the world.

Students from around the world listen to the audios to prepare for the nursing classes, reinforce what they are learning and prepare for the exams., but some students have thought ahead and use it to learn the class material prior to starting the class.

Most students attribute poor test results to the lack of time they have to study. NCLEX review materials on audio make it easier to review while performing other activities such as driving or going to the gym.